Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Me...I'm back and I'm ready to get this blog chugging again.  I needed that break so much and I am really grateful for all of the kind words and warm wishes you all sent my way.

Aside from taking a break, I also thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with The Pumpkin Patch.  I missed blogging and I especially missed seeing all of the awesomeness that seems to pour out of each of your fingers.

When I started this blog I intended it to be a place for women to come together and uplift and support one another.  I hoped it would be a place to find inspiration and acceptance and friendship.  Somewhere along the way I got more worried about followers and how many people visited each day than about my original goal--to help people. I never intended it to be a parade of just how many crafts/projects I could get done in one week, but that's what it eventually became.  Don't get me wrong, I still love crafting and working on projects.  I still want to see what you all have come up with and I still want to show you what I'm working on.  I still want to share recipes and kid's crafts becuase I love to cook and I love to do fun things with my munchkins. However; I'm not going to try and squeeze more into my days that can reasonably fit around taking care of my family.

With that being said, here's the new game plan.

I plan to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If I have more to say in a week, then I'll post more often.  If I don't, then I won't.  Wednesday will be dedicated to you lovely ladies.  I'm starting a new linky part to replace the old ones.  It's called "Whatcha Got Wednesdays" and is open to ANYTHING you want to show off (except nude body parts...and anything else that isn't family friendly).  I'll have the linky up by 12:01 am every Wednesday and once I get people linking up again I'll feature 3 projects from the week before.  I will start hosting Watcha Got Wednesdays next week (12/8/10).

Here's the button in case anyone wants it.


p.s. A special thanks to Sunny who sent me "thinking about you emails" at the exact moments I needed them. You didn't know it, but you were answering my prayers. Thank you.