As I get questions, the answers will be posted here. Check back often because I update this page regularly.

Q: How do you handle 4 kids so close together?
A: Sometimes not very well! The key for me is organization. If I am organized, then I seem to do much better than if I am not. My kids can tell when I don't have it all "together" and those are the times that things get crazy.

I have also had to learn to laugh about everything and take lots of pictures. A kid puts a rock up their nose...laugh. A kid poops on the carpet...laugh. A kid colors themselves with permanent marker...laugh. (Don't laugh at the kid, just the situation.)  It is really hard to yell when you are laughing! Of course I don't let my kids run wild and we do talk about what choice they made and what a better choice would be. They also get punished when necessary.

Q: Where do you come up with your ideas?
A: I don't think of myself as particularly "crafty" or "talented". I am also not very original. However, I am a good copy. If I see something that I like, I am pretty good at figureing out how to make it my way. I do a lot of research on the internet and I am not afraid to try something new. Just remember that for all of the "successes" I have, there are a lot of "failures" too.

Q: How do you get your kids to eat without a fight?
A: I wish I knew! My kids usually don't fight about breakfast or lunch. Dinner is where things get a little tricky sometimes. I try to make healthy meals that will usually appeal to them. The rule is they have to taste it. If I make something that I know they hate, then I let them have a sandwich AFTER they have tasted what I prepared. If they won't taste it, then they go to bed with no dinner. If it is something that they have eaten in the past or something I know they will like if they taste it, then they have to eat what I gave them. After they eat it, they can have something else if they are still hungry. If they won't eat it, then dinner is over and they go to bed. I know some people don't agree with this and that is fine. This is what works for our family. I have only had to do this a few times. It doesn't take long for a child to learn this lesson. A child won't starve if they miss one meal and they will be more likely to eat what you give them the next time.

Q: Why did you decide to be a stay at home mom?
A: Lots of reasons. First off, this was a choice. I have a college degree and had a nice little career going before I got married and started having children. I am capable of working outside the home and earning a pretty good paycheck. However, I feel like God entrusted our children to us and as the mother it is my job to do the very best I can at raising them to be good people, good neighbors, good citizens, and most of all, good Christians. I feel like I can't do that if I am not "at the crossroads". Raising my children is my job right now. I will have time to do other things when they aren't living with us anymore, but for now, this is what I need and want to do.