Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and my hubby really out did himself!  We started off the morning by going to get a load of dirt to fill the raised bed garden boxes he built for me.  We got compost a few days ago and just need dirt.  Then we went to the store and got a few things.  When we came home, one of my very good friends was standing on my porch with her 5 children.  I was completely confused.

He told me to run up to the spare bedroom closet and pick out whatever I wanted to wear and HURRY.  I picked out an outfit and a pair of shoes.  I think there were 5-6 new outfits and new pairs of shoes for me to choose from.  :)  I don't get to keep it all, but that's okay.  It was really fun.  Then I came down stairs and my friend and I left my hubby with a load of dirt and 9 kids to take care of.  CRAZY!

My friend took me to a wonderful day spa and we got hour long pedicures together.  It was amazing!  Then we went to the mall where she had made an appointment for me at MAC Cosmetics.  The wonderful woman who gave me a facial spent an entire hour with me.  She told me what my colors were and showed me how to wear them.  After she was done my friend said that she was given orders from my husband to buy whatever I wanted to be able to recreate the look.  Let's just say I spent a LOT of money...but I felt like the queen of the universe.

When we came home all 9 kids were happy, fed, and playing nicely.  The house was still clean and the babies were napping.  It was amazing.  He was like the male version of Mary Poppins.

To finish the day, we went to Maggiano's for dinner.  It is one of my favorite places to eat.  We hardly ever eat out, so this is a treat that I really look forward to every year.  It was a really great day!

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