Monday, July 13, 2009


We just got back from vacation and it was FANTASTIC!  We went camping in Nauvoo, Illinois for a week.  It rained for 3 days, but it didn't even matter.  We had so much fun just being together. 

So why is the post about strollers?  Because we have the most amazing stroller I have ever seen and every time we go out we get asked about it.  It is a Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin.  We also got a couple of add on accessories.  There is a toddler seat that goes on the front and a hitch-hiker ride along that attaches to the back.  Do you realize what I am saying?  I can get ALL 4 of my kids on the stroller at the same time--safely!    It's amazing!!! 
This is what it looks like with the toddler seat on the front.  It also has a rain cover that goes over all 3 of the seats.  It came in really handy when we were out and about in the rain.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the kids in it on our trip.  The only picture I can find of everyone on it is from E's first day of school last year.  You can tell in the picture that they are pretty done with me taking pics.  :)

These are expensive strollers, but for a mom with multiples or lots of small children at home, I say it is TOTALLY worth the price.  It gave me freedom.  I can take my kids to the zoo or the mall or wherever I want to go by myself and still keep a handle on them.  I can also walk the kids to and from school everyday and if I want to I can go jogging...because it is also a jogging stroller.  If you decide you want to buy one of the beauties, go to  Kelly is the owner and mother of triplets plus one.  She was fantastic to work with and very personal.  She even called me a month or so later to see if we were happy with our purchase.  She also gave us a discount and threw in 2 free cup holders. 

There is a lady that we pass every morning on the way to school and one day she told me that she looks forward to seeing my "parade" pass by everyday.  That made me smile for atleast a week.

What if you don't need one so huge?  Well there are TONS of options.  You can go super basic with an umbrella stroller like this one.  I keep one similar to this in the car too.  You can get an umbrella with a few extras, or a double side-by-side umbrella.

You can get a single stroller that will hold your baby carrier and then can be used for your child until they are bigger like this one.  Or you can get a double front-to-back that will hold a baby carrier and an older child and eventually two older children.  You can also get attachments that allow kids to sit or stand on the back of the stroller you already have.
Then there are jogging strollers.  There are TONS of different jogging strollers and each of them is a bit different.  JoggerMom is a stroller distributor, and has every different type and style you can imagine.  She can also help you figure out what your needs are.  Best of all, if you live in Southern California she will let you test drive some different strollers so you don't end up buying something that you end up not liking.

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