Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last week I watched a friend's younger kids so she could take her older kids to register for classes.  A couple of days later she told me that her younger kids were sick and had high fevers and croup.  AWESOME!

It only took another day or so before C was sick.  When he woke up from his nap he had a high fever and he sounded terrible!  I gave him some meds to bring the fever down and then had to give him a nebulizer treatment to help with the wheezing.  My boys have had lung issues since each of them was born, so we have owned a nebulizer for 4+ years and the Dr. just keeps me stocked with albuterol.  We have been through this so many times that I know what can be handled at home, what needs a Dr. appt, and what needs an ER visit.

That night was scary!  I was up with him most of the night and there are many times when I was minutes away from taking him to the ER.  I never ended up taking him, but we did go to the Dr. first thing the next morning.  She was very surprised at how quickly things went bad for C and how terrible he sounded.  She gave him a steroid shot and a treatment in the office and waited to see how he did before letting us go home.  She also told me that we were probably going to be on ER watch for another couple of days.  Well, a few days have passed since then, and she was right.  He has had one heck of a time.  We have not needed to take him to the ER, but he is definitely sick! His fever keeps coming and going and his cough is pretty constant. He is feeling much better than he was at first, and I can tell he is starting to come around again. He'll just have a lingering cough for a while.

B is sick now too.  She isn't near as bad as C, but she is pretty miserable.  Her throat hurts so bad she won't talk and all I have gotten either of them to eat today is applesauce and water.  She also has a fever and cough.  Neither of them is sleeping well, so they both have pretty big circles under their eyes.  I wonder if I will get sick too...

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