Monday, November 16, 2009

How to make a piñata without using Paper Mache

My son really wanted a piñata at his birthday party, but I couldn't find any that weren't pink or Dora...and they were at least $15 a piece.  I thought maybe I could make one for cheaper, and so I set out on a quest to figure out how to make a piñata.  Everything I read said that you have to use Paper Mache which I have done before, but I don't love it.  It takes a long time and is messy.  I was stumped.

Then the weirdest thing happened.  I went to be thinking about how to make a piñata and I woke up knowing how to do it.  My brain must have worked on it all night, because I went downstairs and did it without giving it a second thought.  It worked so well that I thought I would give you all a piñata making tutorial.

1.  You will need a cereal box (or some other type of cardboard box, but it can't be too industrial or the kids won't be able to break it), a roll of streamers in the color you want, masking tape, scissors, and twine.  I thought I would use the hole punch reinforcers, but I just used the tape instead.
2.  Cover the bottom of the box with a strip of streamer.
3.  Cut slits into the streamer going half way up.  Make the slits about 1/2 an inch apart.  You don't have to measure it, just eyeball it.  You also don't need to make them perfectly spaced.  This creates the fringed look.
4.  Begin wrapping the streamer around the box.  I taped it down on each side each time I went around.  You want the streamer securely attached to the box.  Wrap it so that it overlaps.  Keep the wraps close together and it will look fuller when you get done.
5. Just keep wrapping until you only about 1.5 to 2 inches at the top of the box.
6.  On both sides of the box, you will need to put 2-3 layers of tape on both the outside and inside of the box.  After you have the tape in place, take your scissors and punch a hole through the box.  The tape makes the holes stronger.  Then run your twine through.  You can use twine, yarn, rope, or whatever you want.  Just make sure it is strong enough to hold the piñata while people are hitting it.
7.  To finish off the box, keep wrapping around until you get to the top.  Just work around the twine sticking out the sides.  At the top, you will want to make some tape balls like the ones pictured here.  It will take 2 strips of streamer to cover each top flap.
8.  I found it easier to cut the slits after I had the streamer taped to the box.
9.  Cut a space out of the streamer where the box lid closes so that you can close it when you are done.
10.  Cover the other flap the same way, and leave the little tab uncovered.  You won't see it when you close the box.
11.  You can tape the box shut if you want to.  I did not and it wasn't a problem.  Of course it was a bunch of 5 year olds whacking it, not adults.
12.  To finish it off, I used a Spiderman napkin.  I could have just taped the napkin on like this and my son would have been happy with it, but I decided to take it a step further and cut Spiderman out of the napkin and put him directly to the box.
13.  The last step is to "fluff" your fringe and then you are done.  Enjoy!!

How much did this cost?  The box, tape, and twine I already had.  I bought the streamer and napkins at Wal Mart.  The streamer was $.97 and the napkins were under $3.00 for a pack of 16.  Now that is a cheap piñata!

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Mills Ohana said...

So creative! Wish we could be there for all the fun.

Lian said...

Love the idea. I hate dealing with the messy paper mache too. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely do this.

Jenn @ Livin' the Simple Life said...

Whoa! Good one - I never would have thought to use a cereal box - duh! :)

Allison Shops said...

That's so creative! Looks great. Dropping by from BNOTP.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! Great job, Mom!

Mommy of Spiderman Lover said...

Great job. Would believe I was shopping for a spider-man pinata today myself and they are really costly, considering Spider-man and "his friends" are coming to the party. So I said myself, I can make my own pinata. Thanks to you, this is exactly what I am going to do. This is just what I was looking for!!!!

Buckeye said...

Hi, I read your post and was motivated to male the pinata your style and no doubt it turned out geart. But all i want to know is how did it break, was it easy or hard?

Anonymous said...

Chicken piñata?

Jazzafrazz said...

Hey Lydia

Anonymous said...

When my grandma did this she put bees in it and we all got stung:(

Jazzafrazz said...

And now I have no nose because the doctor had to amputate it😫

Liddy girl said...

My grandma put dirt in it and we thought it was mushed up brownies:0........ Memories (sigh)

Jazafrazz said...

It now is in my freezer in the knife shed... Memories (sigh)

Jazafrazzz said...

My nose in in the freezer

Marco said...

One time I stole a piñata at my cousins birthday party because he said there were goodies in it but it was just filled with carrots😤😖🎊