Saturday, February 27, 2010

Every house needs a SUPERHERO!!!

I have 2 little boys.  J is 5 and C is 2.  Both of them are total boys.  They like cars and bugs and teasing their sisters.  They always want to wrestle and they think bodily functions are hilarious.  J really likes to watch Super Why on PBS.  If you don't know what that is?  You are missin' out!  :)  Anyway, he begged me to make him a Super Why costume for Halloween.  (yes, I realize that was 4 months ago and I am just now blogging about it).  I took pictures throughout the whole process, but didn't realize until about 1/2 way through that there was no memory card in my camera.  I'm cool like that sometimes.  So, I'll do the best I can to explain without all of the pictures.

Target had a sale on long sleeve t-shirts...$3.50 each.  I bought a small and a large.  I also bought a pack of boys underwear with a navy blue pair.  Once I got home, I cut the sleeves off of the Large one and they became the legs for his costume.  I took the blue underwear and sewed the shirt sleeves into them.  Viola!  Superhero pants.

Then I took the shirt and followed this tutorial to make the Super Why logo on the front of his shirt and to make a cape.  Since I was already making the cape, I decided to make it reversible.  One side is plain blue (which he needed for the costume) and the other side is red with a "Super J" emblem on it.  I just made up the "Super J"...I know, I'm so creative.  :)

The last thing I did was take some yellow ribbon and cut it to fit his waist.  Then I burned the ends so they wouldn't ravel and sewed Velcro on them.  This became his belt.  And here is the finished product.  Pretty cute, huh?

Now the only problem is that his little brother won't take the cape off.  I guess I should make him one of his own!

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Tiana said...

OH I love it!

Deniseestachamando said...

congratulations! wonderful idea