Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today stinks!  I am so sick! sick.  I have had a cough for a couple of weeks.  It is finally to the point of just being annoying, and not really keeping me down.  I have a UTI (I know, too much info) and a terrible head cold.  I felt fine yesterday and I woke up this morning feeling like death.  My body and I are in a fight and I am loosing!

My nose is so red and raw.  I've already made it through an ENTIRE box of tissues.  I want to go to bed so badly, but what do you do when you are sick and your kids aren't?  Anyone have a good soup recipe they would like to share?

So, this is me for a while.  Hope you don't mind.


Loridee said...

check out my blog for a super yummy super easy soup Creamy tomato basil with italian sausage!! you won't be disappointed

Mills Family said...

Sarah I hope you are feeling better. I have this really good recipe to help you feel better in no time. First you add a few clothes to your suitcase, then you get on an airplane, you fly to Mobile AL, then your friend Jen picks you up, and you laugh and have a great time. I will have you feeling better in no time! Miss you.