Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whatever Wednesday -- Simple Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I have a few kid friendly gift ideas.
I found these stinkin' cute little flower pots on sale at Michael's a few weeks ago. $1.50 for the little ones and $3.00 for the bigger one. I also had a packet of Zinnia seeds left over from last year, so we planted some flowers for all of the pre-schooler moms. Here's the How to.
Add some rocks to the bottom of your pots. This allows for proper drainage. You don't like to have wet feet and neither to flowers!

Fill the rest of the pot with moist but not wet dirt.

Make a 1/4 in. deep hole with your finger tip and place your seed inside. Lightly cover with dirt. In pots this size, you only need a couple of seeds. We used more seeds because they were from last year and I wanted to make sure each pot had at least one plant in it.

Where I live it is still cold outside, so mine are sitting on the kitchen counter where they can get some sun. If it is warm where you are, you can put them outside, but make sure they are somewhat sheltered. Water every other day or so. You want to keep the dirt evenly moist, but you don't want too much. In 7-10 days you will see your seeds sprouting.

You will also have to replant outside once it is 4-6 inches tall and has several small leaves.

Now, make one of these cute cards and you are all set!

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christy mack said...

This is a great idea-especially for a green thumbed mom like mine :O) Thanks for visiting my blog, can't wait to see more of your projects!

Cheffie Jo said...

You are SO creative! What a great idea!