Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday -- He looks just like Jesus!

Last night as my kids and I were walking out of our church building a group of people were coming in.  The last man in the group saw us coming so he held the door for us.  He was dressed nicely in a white shirt and dark pants.  He had shoulder length brown hair and a full beard.  My son saw him and his face filled with amazement as we got closer to the door.  Then J leaned closer to me and said, "Mom is that Jesus?!"  I smiled at him and said no, it was just a nice man who looked alot like Jesus.  J then said, "He sure does look like Jesus and he is being so nice to us...just like Jesus would be."  I agreed with him and we walked through the door.  J continued to stare at this nice man as we walked by and I whispered to him as I passed that my son thought he looked like Jesus.  The man flashed a huge smile and said, "Why thank you!".  J was quiet as we got into the car and then finally said, "Mom I love Jesus and that man looked so much like him.  I always try hard to be just like Jesus wants me to be."

Melt my heart!!!  Do you ever wonder if the things you try and teach your kids ever actually sink in?  Well friends, it does!  And you will hear the most amazing things from your kids if you take the time to listen.


Mindy said...

That is so sweet and precious!

Tiana said...

Oh and your little J man is so close to Him too because of you my lovely. So wish I could give you all big squeezes right now.