Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I thought I would show you my Christmas tree.  It's a fake we've had since we first got married.  It will be retired after this year, and it has served us well.  Someday I will have a family tree in the family room that has all of our sentimental ornaments and a fancy tree in some other room that is just for me to look at.  For now, this is it.  Oh, and for the record, the ribbon was evenly spaced around the tree, but my kids won't stop messing with it.  Gotta love it!

I tried to mix all of the family ornaments with the pretty ones and I like what I got.  My kids keep pulling things down to play with, so it doesn't look like this anymore.  :)

I got the ribbon and these balls on sale after Christmas.  They are pretty and plastic, so they won't break when my kids mess with them.

This little guy has been hanging on my tree since I was a little one.  It's from Germany (where I was born).  My parents got him when my Dad was stationed there with the Army.  My mom gave each of us a few when we moved out of the house.

This is also from Germany.  It's from the year I was least that's what I've told myself all of my life.  :)

I don't know how old this is.  My mom made it and I loved it so much that she let me keep it. I also have an ice skating girl that my girls saw and immediately took up to their room.  They crack me up!

This is Mr. Wonderful's from his childhood.  My almost 3 year old LOVES is and plays with it under the tree (which is where he is currently "resting".)

This is also Mr. Wonderful's.  His mom gave him all of his ornaments when we got married.  This is one of my favorites of what he brought with him.

Don't forget my new linky party "Whatcha Got Wednesday".  It starts this Wednesday and I have a really fantastic project to share with you, so come back and show me Whatcha Got!


Maryle said...

I am loving your tree! I think I have the same star on top of my tree. I love your sentamental ornaments. We don't have any, yet. We are starting to create some that hopefully our kiddos will treasure for years to come.

Life in Rehab said...

There's nothing like a tree that shows the wear and tear of tiny little designers at work. You'll have time for perfect later. Enjoy the craziness of having young children now.

AliLilly said...

what sweet and sentimental ornaments!! Ya know I discovered that if I wound the ornament hooks around the branches a few times Alie can't get them off! :)

Erin said...

I love your tree! Have a very merry Christmas!!!