Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whatcha Got Wednesday--kitchen

When we bought our house it was with the understanding that we would be re-doing our kitchen.  A few months after we moved in I got some quotes on refacing our cabinets and I just about wet myself.  NO WAY could we afford it.

3.5 years later and we have decided to do it ourselves.  Mr. Wonderful is a VERY handy guy, so I have absolutely no doubts that he can do it.  He has 2 weeks off at Christmas, so we're going to hit it hard.  We did the prep work over Thanksgiving and I am so excited I want to do the happy dance everytime I walk into my kitchen.

Before:  Isn't that backsplash just beautiful?  And those cabinets...don't they make your heart flutter? 

After:  I know this pic is from a different angle and my countertops are messy, but can you see that we took down the backsplash and an entire row of cabinets that were hanging over my countertop Look at the 2nd before pic standing in the kitchen looking out and now look at the after pic.  Can you see it?

Anyway, more to come!!

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Mills Family said...

can't wait to see your finished work!

Steoger Fam said...

Oh yay! I wanna see when it's all done!

The Person Family said...

Loving the blog. :) How are you guys? Hope you're great. Miss you!