Monday, March 23, 2009

Need some help with your daughter's hair?

My girls ask for "church hair" every day.  When they were little I used to just pull it back on each side and put butterfly barrettes over the elastic.  Well, those days or over.  E told me a little while ago that she NEEDS to have big girl hair for school.  Apparently butterfly barrettes are for babies.

I have done a ton of research on "big girl" hair and have come across several hair blogs that are extremely helpful.  I am linking to a couple of them.  You can find them at Babes in Hairland and Cutie Pie Hair Creations.  There are tons of hair blogs, but I like these two the best.  They give easy to follow directions and the hairdo's are pretty simple, but look great.

I also have some friends who sell handmade hair accessories on and you can find them at Cherry Blossoms Design and A Joyful Baby Bowtique.   I love both stores.  I think each of them does such a nice job.  Again, there are tons of people who offer handmade hair accessories, so have fun looking.

I'm including some pictures of my girls with some of the hairdo's that I have tried from these sites and with some bows and flowers that a friend of mine made for them.  Of course they are wearing them with "big girl " hair too.  I am currently looking for some online tutorials on how to make your own bows and flowers.  Once I find some good ones, I'll post them as well.

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