Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family Night Ideas

Every week we spend one night together as a family.  We do it on Monday night.  Sometimes my husband isn't home from work yet, but we do it anyway.  Of course we miss a week every once in a while, but we really try to do it every week.  This is the format we follow.  You certainly don't need to follow this format, it is just a suggestion.  The important thing is to spend time learning and having fun together as a family.  If you want your kids to be close to you when they are teenagers, then you need to foster a close relationship with them when they are young.  It is never too late to start.  (I got this picture from here.)
Opening Song--we usually try and sing a church song.  Usually "I am a Child of God".

Opening Prayer--we take turns on this one.

Lesson--Whatever our family needs at the time.  Right now we are following these lessons, but it can be whatever you want.  Since our kids are so little, we try and keep the lessons pretty short.  Less than 15 minutes usually.  Below is a list of other ideas.

Activity--It doesn't matter what it is, it just needs to be FUN.  Below is a list of ideas.

Closing Song--this song is whatever my kids want.  Sometimes they make them up too.

Closing Prayer--we also take turns on this one.  Don't forget to bless the treats.

Treats--I think this is one of my kids favorite parts.  We don't eat treats very often, so they look forward to helping me make this every Monday afternoon.  I am doing a separate post of Family Night Treats in the next couple of days.

Lessons we have done in the past.
  • Fire safety.  The love to practice the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" technique.
  • Create or go over family rules.  Not as fun, but sometimes necessary
  • Thankful wreaths--trace the kids hands on green paper and write on then what we are thankful for.  Arrange them in the shape of a wreath and display it during the Christmas Season.  This also works for using the hands for flower petals, or turkey wings or Christmas trees.  You can really get creative here.
  • Anything you want them to to sew on a button, change a tire, bake bread, play tennis, etc.  "How to" lessons are really great.
  • Role playing.  This is also good because you can teach them how they should react in a certain situation...Johnny hit Suzie at school.  What should Suzie do?

Activities we have done in the past.
  • Make gingerbread houses.  Gingerbread and glue frosting recipe here.  Or you can just use the frosting recipe and make it with graham crackers.
  • Pillow fight.
  • Color with chalk outside.
  • Go for a walk to the park to play.
  • Watch a movie with popcorn.  My kids love this one, but we try not to do it too often becuase movies take away from the interaction with each other.
  • Play board games or other games.
  • Talent show.  I love this one.  My kids get so excited to perform for everyone.  This is also a good way to help them discover and develop new talents.

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