Friday, April 17, 2009

The Five Love Languages for Couples

I read this book a few weeks ago and LOVED it.  It was so helpful in understanding how to communicate better with my husband.  We have both been working on talking to each other in our specific love languages and it is amazing what a difference it is making.  I highly recommend it.
Dr. Gary Chapman is the author and the concept of this book is refreshingly simple.  He says that each person has a "love tank".  If your love tank is full you feel happy and content.  If your love tank is empty, then you feel unhappy and unfulfilled.  He also says that each person has a primary "love language".  In a marriage, if you want your spouse to feel happy and fulfilled, then you need to speak to them in their primary love language.  This will fill their love tank and help you to have a happier marriage.  What are the love languages?
Dr. Chapman says there are 5 love languages.  They are Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, and Physical Touch.  Most people have one that is their primary language, but it is possible to be bilingual.  This book helps you realize what your love language is and what your spouse's love language is.  It also gives suggestions of how to speak your spouse's love language.  He offers other sound marriage counsel as well.
The last chapter briefly talks about love languages for children and how parents can talk to their children in the correct love language so their kids will also feel happy and fulfilled.  From a parental standpoint, it was very interesting.  I wonder if it will help eliminate or at least make better some of the discipline issues we have been having with our kids.  I think it may.
There is a Five Love Languages book for kids too.  I have it on reserve at the library.  Once it comes in and I get a chance to read it, I will review it too.  I think it will be extremely helpful in knowing what our kids need from us to keep their love tanks full.

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