Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mei Tai Carrier--Back Carry from standing

Back Carry

1. Tie the carrier snugly around your natural waist, with the tie in front and the carrier in the back.
2. Lifting your baby onto your back can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of it. Have someone there to help you if you don't feel sure of yourself at first. The best way I have found to do it is to lean over and grab my baby firmly. Get the baby onto your back and then adjust him to where you want him to be.
3. While leaning over and while keeping one hand on your baby, reach around behind you and grab one of the straps. Keep leaning over and pull it up over your baby's back. Do the same with the other strap.
4. Once you have a firm grip on the straps, stand up. Give a little jump while pulling up on the straps to get the baby snugly into the carrier.
5. You can tie it a couple of different ways. Which tie you use depends on what is more comfortable. You can cross them over your chest or you can use them like a back pack. I prefer to wear it like a back pack because I think it looks better, but if I'm going to be wearing my baby for a long time, I will cross them over my chest because it feels more comfortable for longer periods of time.

6. After you figure out which way you want the straps to go, bring them around behind you and under the baby's bum.
7. Tie the straps with a snug square knot.
Here is a picture of my daughter also. She just turned 3, but she is as tall as a 4 year old and weighs 39 lbs. She fits in and rides in these carriers as well. And just because I wanted to show you how well these are made, here is a picture of my husband wearing me in the mei tai.
This carry can be used with any size baby, but I prefer to use it with bigger babies and toddlers. I like to have my newborns close to my chest. I feel better about having them right where I can see them when they are little. Once they get bigger and like to look around more, the back carry is perfect. It is also great for sleeping.

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