Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mei Tai Tutorial--Front Carry

Want to know how to wear a Mei Tai carrier? Read on...

Front Carry

1. Tie the Mei Tai around your natural waist. This is important, because if you tie it on your hips, it will be very uncomfortable and can cause lower back pain. Tie it snugly using a square knot.
2. I like to put the straps over my shoulders, cross them in the back, and bring them around in a loose tie. It is easier to get the baby in and tie it if you already have everything where it is supposed to be.3. While keeping a FIRM grip of your baby, lift him up and put his legs into the carrier. If you feel unsure, have someone there to help you the first few times.4. Once your baby is in the carrier, you need to snug up the straps before tying them. To do this, grab the straps and pull down on them while giving a little jump. This will get your baby snug to your body and take up any excess in the straps.5. You can tie the shoulder straps several different ways...under the legs and bum, over the legs and under the bum, or around the baby's back. This is really a matter preference. I do it whichever way is more comfortable at the time. Usually around the back is most comfortable for me. Once you know which way you want the straps to go, tie it in a square knot.This carry is very versatile. I have used this with newborns, and still use it with my 1.5 year old. It is conducive to nursing, which I have done many times, and sleeping.

If you are using it with a newborn, there are a few simple modifications that you will need to make. The body of the carrier might be too long, so just roll it once (I will add pictures of this in the next couple of days) and then tie it around your waist. A newborns legs are too small to go around an adults waist, so try "frog legging" them. This means to cross the legs and bring them up against you. This might not look comfortable, and wouldn't be for an adult or an older child, but babies just came from a snug and cozy place. They are used to being scrunched up and actually find it quite comfortable. As the baby gets older, you can put their legs out normally.
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