Monday, October 4, 2010

Messy Monday -- Follow your kid's lead

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Have you ever asked your kiddos what they would like to do for Messy Monday?  I did.  I was expecting some huge project, so the answers I got really surprised me and made me realize that all they really want is for us to love them and spend time with them.  Feel free to set some parameters...We're not going to go anywhere or spend any money...we have to use what we already video games...etc.

Question:  What would you like to do with me today?


Daisy:  I want to do a craft wtih you.  Maybe we can paint some pictures and then turn them into a special book or something.  (give this girl a gluestick and some paper and she is in heaven.)

J-Man:  I want to snuggle and read lots and lots of books with you. (melt my heart)

Princess:  Let's bake something.  And I can wear an apron and you can wear an apron and we can make it together and then we can eat it.  And the other kids can eat it too!!  (girl after my own heart)  recipe here.

the Babe:  CARS!!!  I wanna play CARS!!!  (give him some cars and he will play happily for an hour or more)

So, guess what we are going to do for Messy Monday?  Yep!  And I'm going to love every second of it.

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