Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday -- Doing what is right.

Do you ever feel like you have 1000 things pulling you in all different directions?  You know you can't possibly do it all, but you have to because it is all good stuff that you are "supposed" to do.

When I was in college I really struggled with this (and still do).  I felt like if an opportunity came up to do something good, then I should do it!  I spent my days doing good things, but I couldn't figure out why I didn't feel as happy as I wanted to feel.  I was talking to my friend's mom one day and after listening to me for quite some time, she simply said, "The enemy of the BEST isn't the WORST.  It's all the other GOOD that gets in the way."  Did you catch that?  Read it again.

It is so simple yet so profound!  I was spending so much time doing "good" things that I lost sight of the best taking care of myself, reading the Lord's words in His scriptures, saying my prayers, staying connected with my family...

I really took it to heart and realized that although I was filling my life with good things, I was letting those good things crowd out the best things.  I had to re-evaluate my priorities and cut out alot of stuff that wasn't necessary.  It was not easy, but I'm so glad I did!  Once I was focussed on the BEST things I found the happiness that I was trying to find all along.

I have had to go through this process lots of times since then and have learned over and over again that when I am focussed on the BEST I am happy and so is my family.

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Maryle said...

Thanks Sarah, what a great reminder! I find myself struggling with that all the time.