Monday, August 9, 2010

Messy Monday -- I hate gum!

On Saturday E went to a birthday party.  She had a great time and came home with a goodie bag.  It was filled with all different types of sugar, and no gum.  I was pretty happy about that.  Gum and my kids are a bad combination! 

They just won't keep it in their mouths, and it ends up in their hair, on their bodies, in their belly buttons (don't ask), on their clothes, on my furniture.  You get the picture.  When E told me that there wasn't any gum in her bag I took a quick peek and didn't see any, so I gave her the all clear.  Then today I found gum on the band of my sons underwear.  How in the heck?!  No idea.  Then I started poking around and found gum in the carpet and on my daughter's face.  What the heck?!  Where is it coming from???  Did you know that some crazy company makes mini versions of blow-pops?  They look like innocent little lolli-pops, but in reality there are harboring a 3 letter word.

So, in case anyone is interested in how to get gum off of stuff, you can read this post.  I explain it in detail.

I guess if you want to put gum in your hair these hair clips might be the way to go.  :)

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Oh the joys of GUM!!

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