Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Infant Seat Tent Tutorial

My sister just had a baby a few weeks ago and she asked me to make her an oh-so-girly car seat tent.  No problem!  I took pictures through the whole process, so I could offer the tutorial.  This is a super easy project and didn't take much time.  Happy sewing!

  • 1 1/4 yard of fabric A
  • 1 1/4 yard of fabric B
  • a bit of velcro
  • matching thread
My fabric was 44 in. wide, so I just let that be the length of my tent.
With the fabric still folded in half, cut 37 inches.
Open up both pieces and lay them right sides facing and trim any parts that don't really match up.
Take a large bowl and place it on your corners.
Trace around the curve of the bowl to give yourself some rounded corners and cut along the pen mark.
Using 1/2 in. seams, sew your pieces together leaving a small hole to flip it right side out.
Clip your corners so that they will lay flat when you flip it.
Iron the seams and the body of the tent.
Top stitch all the way around
Lay it out in front of you so that it is longer than it is wide.  Now fold it in half.
Mark the center and go 4 inches out on either side from the center.  Mark those spots.
Mark on the outside edge of the 2 outer pins.  This is where your straps are going to go.
Of contrasting fabric, cut 2 rectangles 5 in. by 10 in.
Fold in half and iron.  Then open back up fold each long edge in 1/2 in. and iron.
Fold each short edge in 1/4 in. and iron.
Fold back in half along your iron mark and top stitch all 4 sides.
Cut velcro to fit and sew or iron on making sure that you put it in the right spot so it will close properly.  See the picture for correct placement.  (Make sure you don't iron over sew-in velcro.  I promise it isn't pretty.)
Fold straps in half and mark center.
Go back to your tent and place straps directly over the pins you have marking where they go.
Sew straps on using a reinforced box stitch (a box with an x inside of it).
Step back and admire your handiwork!

We are fresh out of infant seats (sniff sniff) so I strapped the tent to the legs of my ironing board.  You get the right idea...although it would be WAY cuter if I had a little munchkin peeking out from under it.

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Erin said...

Hi Sarah!

We made your puffy paint over the weekend and it was so cool! I'm going to post it on Friday so I'll link to you!

Thanks for all the fantastic ideas!!!

Leslie said...

Cool! I wish I had one of these when my daughter was in an infant seat! You should sell these on Etsy!