Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thoughtful Thursdays -- Motherhood

Have you ever thought of yourself (or others) as "just a mom"?  I know I have.  When people ask me where I work I have even said, "Oh, I'm just a stay at home mom."  I don't feel like I am "just a mom", so why do I down play it or let others make me feel like what I do everyday isn't that important.  It is important!

Oprah Winfrey said: "We should no longer allow a mother to be defined as 'just a mom.' It is on her back that great nations are built. To play down mothering as small""is to crack the very foundation on which greatness stands. The world can only value mothering to the extent that women everywhere stand and declare that it must be so. We affirm other mothers and as we teach our sons, husbands and friends to hold them in the highest regard, we honor both the mothers whose shoulders we have stood on...and the daughters who will one day, stand tall on ours."

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers and future mothers out there!!!

p.s.  How is everyone doing on their New You Challenge?  It's not too late to come along for the fit and fun!  If you want to join us, just follow the training schedule on the sidebar.  I update it every week so you know just what to do each day.


Erin said...

Nicely put, Sarah! Happy Mother's Day to you!

I added you to my side bar (I hope that was okay). I just love your blog!!!

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