Monday, July 26, 2010

Messy Monday -- What a mess!!!

I was going to post a recipe for the yummiest sugar cookies in the universe today, but decided to do something else instead.  I'll post the sugar cookies on Friday...promise.

I try really hard to make sure that the messes we have in this house are productive and educational.  I feel like if I let the kids make mom-approved messes then maybe they won't want to make mom-is-going-to-loose-it messes as often.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn' you can see here.

This is when I learned that cabinet kid locks don't really work. 

This is when my kids (and my nieces) learned that Tide doesn't taste very good.

This is when I learned that B can climb very high and knows how to open zippers like a pro.  This is also when B learned that when you paint your entire body with lipstick it takes 3 baths to get all of the pink off.

This is when I learned what my kids thought of my amazing chore chart.  :)  Just kidding.  They like the chart but my 2 year old likes the magnets better.  We need to find a new place for it.

This is when my kids learned that Mom isn't very happy when all of the toilet paper is off of the roll, all of the towels are on the floor, and the library books are used for light bathroom reading.

And today, my little man learned that when you trip and hit your head on the rocking chair you have to get stitches.  He also learned that when you get stitches you get an ice cream cone...even if it is Sunday.

What have you (or your kids) done for Messy Monday?  Link it up!

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Diane said...

Awwww, so sorry your little sweetie got a boo boo on his head.

Not very "messy" around here anymore since my 2 are grown, but thought you might like to see what I was up to so I joined your link party. Thanks for hosting. said...

Those are the 'cutest' messes I've ever seen. Thanks for hosting. I just linked up the jam my daughter helped me make.

Have a great week Sarah!


Apron Senorita said...

Oh my gosh, I remember the toddler years. My kids are teens but still get spills at time.

Yoli :)

Erin said...

Oh Sarah, your pictures are priceless! Sorry about your little guy needing stitches. That must have been painful (for both of you!)

Cheffie Jo said...

Poor little guy!

Thanks for linking up for my Friday Foodie Linky Party! I LOVE your posts!

Diane said...

Hi Sarah and thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie.

To answer your question about the Cricut machine... I bought the Expression and I wish I had bought the smaller Cricut. Unless you want to cut large items that are 12 inches then you don't need the Expression.

I never cut anything that big so I think I should have gotten the smaller machine. Either way, you can't go wrong. Great machine.

Jen T said...

I know that wasn't fun cleaning up but it sure is funny looking at all the pictures! One scrapbook dedicated to their creativity with messes would be hysterical! Thanks for sharing this on MM!

- Brittany said...

What an adorable lipstick slathered baby! Thanks for hosting the party!