Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday -- Adoption

While I was pregnant with J there was a friend of mine who was pregnant with triplets.  She had a tough pregnancy and complicated delivery and when all was said and done, the Dr.s told her she would never be able to have any more children.  She was 21 at the time.  They had dreamed of a large family, and immediately knew that they would turn to adoption when they were ready to have more children.

In 2007 they adopted 2 of the cutest little boys you have ever seen.  One from Ukraine and one from Uzbekistan.  Each of them have special needs and have absolutely flourished in their new environment.  After they brought the boys home, everyone thought that they were done and their family was complete, except them.  Heavenly Father had more in mind for them and for their family. 

They are in Bulgaria right now picking up 2 beautiful little girls to bring home and join their family.  They are also visiting a third little girl who will join their family later this year.  As I have watched them go through this process I have been so impressed with their ability to see beauty and potential in sad/lonely/helpless little children 1/2 a world away.  I can't even imagine the love and peace and possibilities that these special children experience every day in the arms of their amazing parents.

If you want to laugh, cry, and be inspired, you can read all about it here.

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